Whether you want to revamp your business, launch a new store, buy new machinery, increase working capital or outperform your competitors. GoldRock Management Unsecured Business Loans offer you customised loans to suit your business plan. We provide quick and hassle free funding with flexible options to repay the loan to keep you ahead in business. With us, your future is secure.

At GoldRock Management, we understand your world better as we have been in this industry for many years. We take pride in partnering with you to provide the financial support, to route the funds in the right direction and give your business the boost you need.

With us, finding the loan that works for your business is easy and simple. We have taken the difficulty out from business loan application journey so that you can spend more time taking care of the business.

Apply for a Quick Loan



    Loan Amount

    ₹5,00,000 – ₹75,00,000


    Loan Tenure

     12 – 36 months


    Interest Rates starting at


    Multiple Product Offering

    We offer the flexibility to create Business Loans with terms that meet your specific needs. Our business loan offerings are flexible and can be custom-built as per your business requirement.

    Structured EMI option

    We give you the option and convenience to customize your monthly loan repayment instalment that is best suited for your company's cash flow.

    No Security

    There is no obligation whatsoever, our business loans are fully unsecured.

    High Eligibility

    Our high eligibility means that we say ‘Yes’ when others may say ‘No’. We work together to help design a loan for business that best fits your budget.

    Application Process

    • 1

      Online Application

      You can apply for a loan by just filling up your basic details.

    • 2

      Document Submission

      Post receiving your loan eligibility, furnish the required documents to take your application ahead.

    • 3


      We will verify your loan application; and submitted documents.

    • 4


      Post approval, the loan is sanctioned.

    • 5


      Receive the required loan in your bank account - it's that simple!

    3 types of a Business Loan

    • Working Capital Loan : Money is the fuel that keeps your business going and if you don’t have the funds necessary for day-to-day operations, then the company will suffer. Our Working Capital Loan, will help you cover your funding needs so that you can run your daily operations smoothly.
    • Machinery Loan : A business should run like a well-oiled machine and for that it needs to have functional machines and equipment. By taking a Machinery Loan you can update the present equipment or buy and lease the latest machines for your business. This will not only boost your overall productivity, but also ensure quality output.
    • MSME & SME Loan : Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises are the backbone of our society and economy. These businesses are the ones that primarily offer services that cater to the community and should have access to the right kind of support that will fuel their growth. So, if you are a MSME business owner, we provide small business loans that will give you and your enterprise the boost you deserve.



    What are the basic requirements in getting the Business Loan approved?

    We’ve made sure that getting a Business Loan is simple and quick. For a swift approval:

    • Keep your personal details handy including your PAN number, Aadhaar Number, CIBIL score
    • Keep your business-related KYC details ready like PAN Card, Registration of Incorporation
    • Provide your last six month’s pay slip, address proof and bank statements



    4 reasons why you should get a Business Loan to stay ahead in business

    • Expansion : Growth is key in any business. When business is booming, expansion can help ensure that your profits don’t shrink. Business loans can help you cover the costs of expansion without taking away your operational funds so that you can watch your business grow.
    • Inventory : Inventory is the lifeblood of every retail, wholesale and seasonal business. Once your business is operational you’ll need finance to continually expand and reload your inventory to keep up with demand and to provide better options to your customers. Taking a Business Loan will help you offset inventory cost and you can stay ahead of trends and customer demand without hurting your income.
    • Cash Flow : Cash flow is a challenge for most businesses if your business is seasonal or if you have customers who don’t pay for services on time or when you have unsold inventory that needs to be moved to bring in new products. This can impact your regular costs of inventory, staff, utilities, and rent or mortgage. A Business Loan can help you manage regular costs, and stay afloat when profits are low.
    • Equipment : Businesses often have the need to purchase, replace, repair or upgrade various kind of equipment. Equipment is expensive and essential for business to run at maximum efficiency and maximum productivity. Unplanned expenses like the repair or replacement of broken equipment can harm your budget. Business loan gets you the money you need at a fast turnaround so you can continue to run the business at its optimum level.



    What is a Business Loan?

    A business loan is an unsecured form of credit designed to fund the various capital needs of a business. Using different types of business loans, companies can scale new heights with increased manpower, advanced equipment, and faster turnaround time.

    Who can opt for a business loan?

    Business loans are available to both professionals and non-professionals that are self-employed. Business loans interest rates are highly competitive and are typically approved quickly. The following types of companies can secure business loans –

    • Sole proprietorship
    • Partnership firm
    • Private limited companies
    • Closely-held public limited companies
    • Societies
    • Trusts
    • Hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centres, pathological labs



    How to get a business loan?

    You can get a business loan from the lending institution of your choice in a number of ways, depending upon your convenience and the options offered by your lender.

    • Visit a nearby branch
    • Apply online via the lender’s website
    • Talk on call with the lender’s relationship managers
    • Send an email to your lender’s customer support mail address
    • Use the lender’s 24×7 virtual assistant feature

    To avail a business loan with GoldRock Management, simply apply for a business loan online or call on 8527-188-187. You can also mail us at contact@goldrockmanagement.com or visit our Office.

    Customer Testimonials

    Me and my wife just got married and as indian weddings are expensive, we needed a quick loan to go for our honeymoon, getting a personal loan for travel helped us in going to our desired destination

    Rachit Jain

    IT Professional - New Delhi

    My sister planned to do her master from one of the design schools in USA and we really worried about the documentation process and timelines involved. Be rest assured GoldRock Management not only offered us with competitive interest rate their hassle free process helped us secure admission before the deadline.

    Reema Sharma

    Business Women - Noida

    My search for low interest rates on loan brought me to GoldRock Management. The entire experience of getting a loan was smooth and easy. Finance has never been my forte but GoldRock Management has made me believe that finance can be my cup of tea!

    Sharad Kumar

    Small Business Owner - New Delhi